Wire Mesh Cable Tray

The wire mesh cable tray is the perfect replacement for different cable tray and ladder. High flexibility, ease of installation, affordability, compatibility with‌ a variety of environmental conditions, and the possibility of proper ventilation and air flow, including the features of this system, which increases the demand and use of this system instead of previous systems. Depending on the type and structure of the system‌(cable conductors), the implementation of complex routes does not require different connections, so ordering and making choices easier and reducing the cost of purchasing‌(no need to order different connections).Also, the high flexibility of this kind of system makes it easy to implement and install complex routes and paths.

For connecting two baskets with different widths or the connection and the bending, does not require pre-ordered parts or welded joints and just by bending the wires and fastening them with a screw, you will achieve the desired shape.

The cable basket connections are very simple and limited, and most connections, bends and basket section changes, can be implemented by using a scissor and cable basket bolts and nuts.

With a cable basket, due to its lattice and wire structure, it can easily bend, change height and cross section, and it has a completely flexible form of implementation.

The steel wire cable basket can be provided with a cold or hot galvanized coating or electrostatic powder in different colors , as well as a stainless steel wire if needed.

A cable basket tray or "Wire Mesh Cable Tray" with reasonable price, in the transmission and conduction of cable and pipe installations during installation, helps the designers and the installation team to do the projects well.

The cable basket Tray is simply installed on the ground or wall and ceiling joints and it is easily fix by screwing.